Welcome to the Shadows…

“Shite! Felys is down!”

“What? What do you mean, ‘Felys is down’?” Amyx whispered hoarsely.

“I mean she’s on her sodding back with black stuff leaking out of her sodding nose and mouth. Felys…is…sodding…down.”

Amyx sighed and looked back down the alley to where Corlis was kneeling over what was left of their arcanist. “She must’ve tripped a ward in the astral. There weren’t supposed to be any wards. The Boot assured me…”

Corlis sheathed his sword and wrapped the unconscious halfling’s cloak around her before lifting her from the damp cobbles. “Just so’s you know, I’ll be killing the Boot next time we see him.”

Before he could reply, the sound of running feet made Amyx turn. Eight liveried guards with halberds appeared in the mouth of the alley. Amyx cursed and bolted, Corlis right behind him. Twenty feet from the alley’s other end, they ducked into a tenement building and pounded up five flights of stairs to the roof. When they got there, they found Stritzt, their lookout, in a spreading pool of his own blood. The plank bridge to the next roof over was gone, and they were trapped.

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

Amyx and Corlis spun as a man stepped from the shadows beside the door. His face was hidden in darkness, but his eyes gleamed silver-white like two full moons in a starless sky while tattoos darker than the surrounding gloom writhed like living things on his pale arms.

“If that’s who I think it is,” breathed Corlis, “we are well and truly buggered.”

“It’s him, and we are,” admitted Amyx. “But I mean to make him work for it.” The brazen muzzle of a blunderbuss emerged from beneath his cloak, and the world dissolved in a cloud of lead-laced smoke and a clap of thunder.

With Strange Aeons is a Pathfinder campaign set against a backdrop of brutal oppression, intrigue, and creeping horror in the once great kingdom of Dantir.

With Strange Aeons